Transforming Manhattan

Subtle Shifts Within the Grid

New York, New York

Design VII

The site is located in northwest Manhattan between 10th and 11th avenues, and 44th and 45th street.  The Hudson borders to the north and Broadway to the south, with central park to the east and 42nd street to the west.  A tower is situated on the north end of the lot to anchor the site within the surrounding context.  This gesture also serves as a connection to the existing surrounding skyline.  A series of three mid rise residential towers mark nodes within the site.  Pedestrian traffic in Hell’s Kitchen exists mostly on avenues running from east to west.  Our proposal takes advantage of this by utilizing a series of suggestive permeations through the site on the ground level.  Found regularly throughout the city are cuts through city blocks to alleviate long pedestrian travel routes.  Because of the large scale of the Manhattan city block, interior courtyards serve a multitude of functions such as extending the street edge, enhancing site circulation, creating public space, as well as functionally enhancing maintenance needed on the site. 

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